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Is It Ok To Skip HVAC Yearly Maintenance To Save Money?

technician repairing furnace

The idea of skipping the annual furnace or air conditioner tuneup seems good. After all, paying for an hour or two of work since HVAC systems are complex. However, while the idea seems tempting, skipping a check-up might cost you a lot more!

Can I skip annual HVAC maintenance?

We get it—you're busy and want to skip a service call every once in a while. But can you?

Our answer is: If it's an option, absolutely not. HVAC maintenance is essential for keeping your home comfortable and having low energy bills. Here are some reasons why:

It could get expensive if you don't maintain your HVAC system and something goes wrong.

This can add up quickly if you have an older furnace or air conditioner, as the costs of replacing parts and labor to fix problems are high. If your HVAC is not maintained regularly, there is also a chance that the ducts will become blocked with dust buildup, leading to higher energy bills if not taken care of appropriately.

One thing we always tell people when talking about annual maintenance is: “Think about how much money you would spend if something was wrong with your car and you had no way of getting around?” It will cost far more than it would get your car tuned up annually!

Short Term Gain, Long Term Loss

You may save a little money in the short term by not scheduling a professional maintenance visit for your heating or cooling system. Still, the cost savings are often canceled out by higher energy bills and steep repair costs down the road if you defer HVAC maintenance.

Your AC unit may be running properly now, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way—and it certainly doesn't mean it's operating at peak efficiency. An annual inspection can identify potential problems before they become significant, allowing you to make repairs before they cause expensive damage or require extensive repairs down the road (or both).

Breaking Down Costs

The average homeowner can spend up to $1,500 on emergency HVAC repair. The cost of repairs for a system that is not maintained correctly can be as high as $4,000! In addition to the money spent on repairs or replacements, your family could face health issues from poor indoor air quality. An annual maintenance checkup will help you avoid this by ensuring your system runs efficiently.

The truth is it costs less to maintain an HVAC system than it does to repair one that has been neglected or abused. A tune-up will prevent costly repairs and keep your home comfortable all year long.

Regular Maintenance Helps Avoid Breakdowns.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid breakdowns. You may be able to skip a few checks, but it's only a good idea to go too long with servicing your heating and air conditioning system. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that something will break down and require immediate attention (and possibly expensive repairs). If you're looking for ways to reduce energy use and save money on utility bills, annual HVAC maintenance is an ideal place to start—and not just because of the added protection against breakdowns and repairs!

If you're going to skip an annual HVAC tuneup, you should know what you're getting yourself into. We know finances can be a significant factor in these decisions, which is why we are here to help.

Valairco has got you covered when dealing with HVAC problems year-round and pricing our services fairly to help you save. So give us a call today at (855) 661-3300