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Preparing For Summer: A Quick Air Conditioning Checklist

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Summer heat in New Jersey can be decent at times, but occasionally, those days feel unbearably dry and hot. While the easiest solution to the heat is making sure you have your air conditioner running, this may not be so simple if you neglected your AC over the winter and spring. Don’t panic if it has been some time since you last had your AC inspected because, luckily for you, here are some quick tips to make sure your AC is ready for the summer!

Air Filter Replacement

One of the more common issues homeowners face in the summer is an AC malfunctioning or performing poorly due to dirty air filters. Depending on your air filter, you will need to clean or replace them to avoid performance issues. Dirty air filters can be bad for your health, but they can run up your utility bills as dirty air filters put additional strain on an HVAC system.

Typically you want to replace your air filters every two to three months to keep your HVAC system happy. With reusable filters, remember to properly dry your filters before fitting them back into your HVAC system.

Checking For Leaks

Air leaks are a nuisance in any season, and in the summer, an air leak can be a headache. While spotting air leaks across air ducts will require help from one of our professionals, you can tackle the most overlooked air leak sources in a home, doors, and windows! That’s right, cracks along window frames or gaps under your doors can impede HVAC efficiency. Sealing up window cracks and having door draft stoppers can help insulate your home, making it cool down a lot faster.

Drainage Checks

Take the time to look at your AC systems drain lines to ensure no potential clogs have formed. Dirt and other organic material can build up over time without proper cleaning leading to blockages that cause malfunctions. You can help avoid clogs by emptying your drain pan to remove standing water or debris. Some vinegar and water can help clean around your drain pipe to eliminate any potential blockages.

Cleaning Outdoor Units

For outdoor HVAC units, debris can quickly build up inside the system. To avoid malfunctions, you need to remove excess debris from dirt to acorns or leaves from nearby trees. Ensure to power off your HVAC unit before opening the outer panels; then, you can clear out debris with a vacuum cleaner and hose.

At Valairco we know HVAC maintenance can be hard to get to when life gets busy. So when you call (855) 661-3300, we are happy to help take the weight off your shoulders and get your HVAC system running at peak efficiency!