Broken Air Conditioner And High Humidity

photo of HVAC system outside

Spring has finally sprung, and we can all enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of the new season! Some of us who do not suffer from allergies can enjoy the new season. While spring weather can be a refreshing change of pace, one aspect of spring weather can genuinely get on anyone’s nerves: the humidity. The easiest solution to high humidity is a properly functioning HVAC system, but how can you ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly?

Clean Those Coils

Funnily enough, running your air conditioner on too long can contribute to your humidity problems. Air conditioners typically will pull moisture from the air, condensing the moisture around its coils, but these coils get dirty over time.

While a bit of dirt never hurts anyone, dirty coils can impede your air conditioner’s ability to pull moisture from the air and leave your home feeling humid. Take the time to clean your air conditioner to help improve airflow regularly.

Check On The Refrigerant

Often, homeowners who complain about humidity in their homes can have an AC unit with a low refrigerant charge. Without proper refrigerant levels, your AC will not dehumidify your home, let alone cool it down on those high heat days. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep track of your refrigerant levels!

The issue with low refrigerant levels does not just end with high humidity. Compressor failure and even malfunctions such as the AC coils freezing can become an issue with improper refrigerant levels, turning a minor annoyance into a financial headache.

Changing Fan Speed

This may sound counterintuitive to some, but high fan speeds are not efficient for lowering the humidity in the home! While it may seem that the higher the fan speed, that would mean cooling down then home faster and removing moisture more quickly, right?

In reality, lower fan speeds allow evaporator coils to stay colder, allowing more moisture to be pulled from the air. It is important to note that too low a fan speed can freeze coils, so always consult a technician before adjusting fan speeds drastically.

At Valairco we know how annoying humid weather can be, and dealing with a broken AC can be a headache. So let us handle the complicated stuff and call (855) 661-3300 today. You can focus on relaxing, and we can take all your HVAC worries!