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Somerset County Heating & AC Troubleshooting

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When homeowners notice a problem with their air conditioning or furnace, it’s never a good feeling. Repairs or replacements are notoriously expensive and trying to schedule service around your busy life can seem daunting. This leads some people to put off calling for help. Valairco understands your concerns and takes pride in our outstanding customer care and affordability. Contact us for help with troubleshooting your heating and cooling systems, boilers, humidifiers, duct work, and thermostats.

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How to Recognize a Problem with Your AC or Heater

You may not even realize that your system has a problem because you are used to it running at lower efficiency. Unfortunately, a problem left unchecked may lead to bigger issues or even system failure and replacement.

You may need service or repair if you notice:

  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Unfamiliar sounds from the system
  • Little or no airflow
  • The fan isn’t running
  • Drastic changes in temperature

No Heat, No Cooling & No Airflow

If your HVAC system seems to be completely unresponsive, then the problem might be related to a power source. Check your circuit breaker to see if the wrong breaker has been switched to OFF, or that a fuse has blown out. You should also look at the thermostat and verify it is switched ON. The problem could also be with a blocked air vent.

No Heat or Cooling with Airflow

When you can feel the air flowing through your vents but it is not cool or hot, depending on your desired temperature, the problem could once again be an obstructed air vent. It might also be that the air filter is old and clogged up with dust and debris.

Ice on Outdoor Heat Pump

A small amount of frost on your heat pump is not an issue. It should defrost itself within about 90 minutes of use. When there is a half-inch layer of ice or more on your outdoor heat pump, first check the weather. Did a freezing rain just come through the area? If so, you’re okay. If not, set your thermostat to “emergency heat” and call (855) 661-3300 for service if that does not fix the issue in a couple hours.

Outdoor Heat Pump is Steaming

Nothing to worry about here. It is natural to see steam as your heat pump defrosts.

No Heat from Your Furnace or Boiler

It is possible that your gas service has been disconnected or there is a problem with the gas line. Of course, it might also be that the thermostat is not ON.

Furnace or Boiler is Making Loud Noises

Switch OFF the power to the heating system and see if the blower or pump is damaged. A defect could cause a rattling noise. There may also be a problem with the air filter, if you are running a furnace.

Weak Airflow from Furnace or Boiler

Look at the air filter and air vents for obstructions. If you don’t see any, you’ll need a service.

Inexplicably High Energy Bills

You will probably have a strangely high energy bill if your HVAC system, boiler, or furnace is old or otherwise running inefficiently. There are a lot of causes for system inefficiencies, so it is best to get our experts on the job to service the system and identify the problem.

Humidifier is Outputting Low or No Humidity

Start by checking that the water valve is turned on. Next, check the water line, in-line filter, water pad, and water injector for anything unusual. Open the bypass damper and run the fan continuously on your heating system. Also, make sure the humidifier’s water line is connected to a hot water tap, not a cold water outlet.

Thermostat is Wildly Changing Temperature

Is the wall behind the thermostat insulated well or protected from the elements? If not, drafts could be affecting the thermostat. The thermostat must also be installed levelly, or it could cause any number of unusual defects.

Hot or Cold Spots in Your Duct System

Begin by checking the system airflow damper settings and adjust accordingly. Make sure all vents are clear and unclogged. You’ll also want to inspect any filters and fans in the systems for damage.

Remember to call (855) 661-3300 if you need more help after troubleshooting your HVAC system. We offer maintenance, repairs, and installations, as well as our popular 5-Year Comfort Plus Program!

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