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My AC Works Fine With An Old Filter: Is Filter Cleaning Overblown?

Air filter up close

We know how often we mention cleaning your air filters in our posts, but it is for a good reason! The importance of cleaning your air filters is not by any means overrated; if anything, it is underrated! When it comes to HVAC issues, many that we see come from poor HVAC care, starting with the air filters!


Air Filter Importance


The air filter in your HVAC system is one of the most important parts of any heating and cooling system. It keeps dust and other particles from getting into your home, which helps keep it cleaner and healthier for you and your family. These filters also help keep allergens out and clean up dirty indoor air from outside sources such as pollen or smog.


The longer you own your home and your HVAC system, the more likely you will have to clean the air filters. It's a good idea to check them at least once a month, or every two months, to see if they need cleaning. This can be done by simply lifting an edge of each filter and seeing if there is dust buildup on top of them. If there is, they should probably be cleaned right away so that they don't cause damage to other parts of your HVAC system.


For high-traffic areas in your home, you may want to check on your air filters more often than, say, areas of your home that are not as busy. Air filters do not all get clogged at the same time, as this is highly dependent on your area's climate, home layout, airflow, and general environment,


Not Cleaning And Consequences.


If you don't clean or change air filters regularly, you might look at some headaches that are best to avoid.


The efficiency of your HVAC system will drop. This is because a clogged air filter restricts airflow and can lead to overheating. Overheated equipment can cause fires in the furnace, heater, and other parts of your home. Also, certain particles may get into your ductwork and spread throughout the house before being distributed throughout every room. In some cases, this could cause respiratory problems for anyone living in the house (including pets) once they've been inhaled by everyone breathing them in!


The risk of a fire in or near your heater or furnace increases significantly when there aren't enough particles filtered out by an old or clogged filter—or no filter! If these filters aren't maintained properly, they'll become full faster than usual, making it harder for them to maintain optimum performance levels over time; this could lead to severe problems if left unchecked long enough.


Cleaning Tip

For reusable air filters, you may be tempted to use a vacuum just to clean up all that excess dirt, but avoid that gut feeling. The issue with using vacuums on air filters is that the high pressure from the suction can damage the air filter material. Instead, opt for a soft-bristled brush to gently clean your air filters.


You want to properly dry your air filter after cleaning to ensure that no mold can grow on the filter later. You could always opt in for disposable air filters, but just remember to set a reminder to replace them often.


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