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Heating Repair in Manville, NJ

Expertise for Heating Systems in Somerset County

Our licensed heating repair technicians are familiar with a wide variety of heating systems and can quickly answer the questions you have about what is wrong with your unit. We provide services for heat pumps, a furnaces, boilers, as well as thermostats and air quality systems. When your furnace goes out, getting your system back up and running is an issue of urgency, and our technicians will treat it as such.

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Easy-to-Fix Furnace Problems

If you want to do some troubleshooting before calling your heating technician, you can check for each of these items to make sure none of them are the source of your problem.

  • Check your thermostat: Check the temperature setting and make sure "Heat" is selected. Try turning the heat higher than you normally would. Make sure the batteries are new. You can check the wiring for issues as well.
  • Check the breaker panel: Check the fuse on the breaker and replace it if it is blown.
  • Change your filters: Furnace systems will often shut off when filters are severely dirty are clogged. The heat exchanger will warm too quickly and shut the system off before your home has been heated.
  • Flush your drain lines: Sediment and particles can collect rapidly in the drain lines, which will shut off the furnace. You can disconnect your drain hose and flush it with water to clear out dirt and blockages.
  • Check the gas line shut off: Make sure your gas line valve is open. The valve will point up or down when it is open.

Heating System Problems Arise from a Lack of Maintenance

The most common reasons for heating system breakdowns are old age and a lack of maintenance. However, even an older heating system will have fewer breakdowns and run more efficiently if it receives tune ups consistently. The longer that someone waits between having their furnace inspected by a professional, the worse a breakdown is likely to be. Simple things like replacing dirty air filters and lubricating internal parts will have a big impact on extending your system's lifespan.

Contact Our Heating Repair Experts in Central Jersey

As the cold nights set in, it is always a good idea to get your system tuned up before a malfunction occurs. However, if you are noticing strange sounds coming from your furnace or your home is not warming up like it normally does, you should get one of our heating experts to come address the problem immediately.

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